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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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again, greater than ever before. >> big promises from the gop presidential nominee in philadelphia. today and some specifics about what a trump administration might do. but before he can make good on those promises he's got to win and pennsylvania will prove crucial in any potential victory. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. trump's chances in the keystone state remain, well, murky. our bruce gordon was at his speech today during a crucial time for the campaign, bruce. >> reporter: pennsylvania has become for republicans capita had he been's white wail. the prize just out of weeks. for six consecutive presidential cycles the gop has targeted the keystone state only to come up short. again this year pennsylvania is considered in place for republicans and so trump came here to present a major policy speech. >> the next president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. >> reporter: donald trump's speech to invite the guests at the union league was not his
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usual adlib free swinging shoot from the lip affair. this was a sober teleprompter address on national security. simple theme. >> peace through strength. >> reporter: mr. trump promised to rebuild the us military and clean up what he described as a middle east mess left behind by president barack obama and his former secretary of state. >> hillary clinton's legacy in iraq, libya, syria, has produced only turmoil and suffering and death. >> reporter: new monmouth university poll just the latest to show trump trailing in pennsylvania by 8% taj points in this case. philadelphia is as always key to that result. four years ago, president obama won by a massive margin in philly. massive enough to overcome losses throughout the rest of the state. ahead of the city's gop was in the audience for trump's speech and predicts a closer contest this time around. >> blue collar votersare coming home to the republican party. people that voted for reagan are saying donald trump will put them back to work.
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we're seeing in it bridesburg. seeing knit port richmond. up in park wood. >> reporter: minority voters are key to victory in the city. the new monmouth poll shows clinton crushing trump among black, hispanic and asian voters 90% to five. we heard that sentiment first hasn't. >> all he know about what from i know is real estate. running a country is not real estate. >> reporter: what is it about donald trump that turns you off? >> to be honest, just his -- almost peer promoting. >> you could see yourself voting for donald trump? >> maybe. >> reporter: maybe? >> yup, maybe. >> reporter: that's the strongest endorsement you can come up with? (laughter). >> yup. >> reporter: it is possible for republican to lose pennsylvania and still win the white house. george w. bush did it twice. but the keystone state is still considered among the keys to success come november. donald trump faces uphill fight. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you just before donald trump spoke at the union league a group of
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veterans from pennsylvania spoke out against the gop nominee. they called trump's ideas dangerous and in a news release call him quote temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. they argue trump has a long record of diss roo inspecting veterans and military families. >> donald trump is also somebody who tries to degrade the service people like john mccain and other prisoners of war. this is somebody who tack cold star familiar -- gold star families. somebody who says i always want add purple heart. donald trump just simply doesn't understand what the purple heart specifically that purple hearts reminders of very bad days and nobody with one every wanted it. >> trump vowed to fight for veterans in his speech today. he's also promised to reform the va. meanwhile, hillary clinton spent the day off the campaign trail. but with the military in spotlight today, the clinton campaign nounsed 95 generals and retired admirals are publicly supporting her. this comes one day after donald trump said he had 88 in his corner. but clinton's military backers
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argue that trump's postponed on muslim immigrants would alien 88 u.s. allies in the middle east and they're defending clinton's record as steady and experienced. meanwhile tonight voters will get a preview of what is to come as both clinton and trump appear at a forum in new york focused primarily on national security. the campaign trail stretches on. keep following on 24/7 and look for links on the home page for the very latest. the summer is heat is not over yet in your fox 29 weather authority. after a mild few days things are about to get dangerously hot. you probably felt the change for yourself when you stepped outside today especially if you were out this afternoon let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr in old city. kathy, after labor day. still feels like august. >> can you believe it? it's amazing, iain. i just can't believe it. remember the kids are obviously in school we're not used to this and any buildings without air-conditioning are going to be pretty uncomfortable tomorrow so please make sure that the kids have their water bottles and keep away from any strenuous
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activity. take look what's going on out there right now. temperatures are pretty warm. we have a high temperature so far over 90 the philadelphia international airport. that is the current temperature. the normal high for this time of year is only 81 degrees. the wind out of the north northwest at 9 miles an hour. so very comfortable at this point as far as the humidity is concerned. in pottstown it's 87. none in allentown. wilmington 91. they peaked at 92. little bit cooler down the shore with some clouds courtesy of hermine. there you see it on the satellite view. losing a lot of its strength and slowly moving toward the northeast impacting long island and also new england but weakening very quickly and the clouds clearing down the shore as well. this evening expect temperatures to fall through the 80s into the 70s. little muggy at about the 9:00 o'clock hour clear and mild at 11:00 p.m. with a temperature of 75 degrees. tomorrow we really crank up the heat and humidity. high temperatures tomorrow will be in the 90s. heat advisory goes into effect for those counties highlighted
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in orange. it will feel like it's up to 102 degrees with the heat and humidity. we are going for record heat for the next couple of days and heat wave number seven. more on that coming up with your seven day forecast later in the broadcast. >> all right, talk to you soon, kathy. so the heat is indeed back on and students in trenton wrapped up things early today. trenton' public school district dismissed students and staff at elementary schools at 1:00 this afternoon. middle schools let out at 12:45. high schools at 12:30. you know what the same thing is happening again tomorrow and friday. pennsylvania government auditors say more finding is needed to start looking at the state's backlog of untestified rape kits. recent audit found there are more than 3,000 untested kits in about 1800 have gone over a year without being tested. the state auditor is blaming the state for not ning police departments around pennsylvania about the new requirements to report the number of untested rape kits. state law requires police pick
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up the kits within three days of getting notice from a hospital. police then have 15 days to get the kits to a lab to be tested. happening right now in chester county, police are after a group of thieves that snatched things from dozens of cars in berwyn and even made off with the family's mini van but left behind a car seat and papers for speech therapy for one of the children. karen hepp is following the police investigation life now outside that police station. karen? >> reporter: lucy, gosh, this happened when most people were sleeping and used to hearing an animal or raccoon rattling around. people didn't think much of it 2:30 in the morning until they went outside and saw their cars and very clearly people had been inside and rivaling through more than a few of them. >> of course, we don lock them. so they were broken into. you can see my wife's car here, they took the middle console. they removed like the gum and change that was there but they really didn't take anything else. they didn't take car chargers. >> reporter: police say a group of thieves hit more than
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two dozen cars early this morning all over the devon down section of berwyn. word spread like wildfire as folks trade to figure out what was missing. >> my neighbor i heard talking on her cell phone saying that she was obviously calling the police, and then she asked me have you checked your car? i went around the corner and i saw a pair of red sneakers sitting by my back wheel, and i thought, those aren't our sneakers, and i came up and opened up my car and it was a mess everywhere and i guess they had stolen the sneakers from somebody else and left them. >> my neighbor said hey, our car was broken into. was your car broken into? i looked over and my car was gone. >> from right here in her driveway and the keys were inside. gretchen have five kids her husband is out of town and now the mini van is gone. she's called for the locksmith and patience. >> i'm hoping it's just some kids who took it for joy ride. we can laugh about it later but, um, we're all safe. so i guess the important thing.
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>> reporter: police think this was the work affairly organized crew of at least three that managed to hit a whole lot of cars in short amount of time but all had one thing in common. >> everyone of these cars were unlocked so you lock the cars, you eliminate the crime. >> reporter: so that is the take away. pretty close community people were e-mailing and facebooking each other and like did you find this thing? they found one bag found over here at another location. we'll have some more on that where things were found at different neighbor's yards coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. iain and lucy, back to you. >> all right, thank you karen. talk to you soon. philadelphia police want to you see this video. it shows a man who walk into a lukoil gag station got a good look on the 600 block of north delaware avenue in spring garden. police say the guy walked behind the register, grabbed an employee and demanded money. while the employee obliged the man got away with cash. if you know who he is, give police a call. police are looking foreman caught on video stealing a purse at a popular restaurant in old city.
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on august 31 police say this guy went into cot meant mental restaurant on mark street and stole a purse belonging to an employee. the purse had the woman's credit cards, id and cell phone in there, and the man also took $80 from an empty table before running away. fire officials are investigating overnight house fire in brookhaven, delaware county. started just before 1:30 along the 4900 block of greenwood street. firefighters found heavy flames and smoke come from the porch of the home when they arrived it took about 30 minutes to get things under control. nobody is hurt, no. armed robbers break into a business and they've got a tangle with six-year-old girl and one of these attackers is carrying an ax. how this girl's heroic actions played out. >> a special escort system children walk to go school this morning. we were there for the million father march and its mission. thousands of dollars in damage done to a new police car. why officers didn't have to work too hard to find the teen who did it. >> coming up new at 6:00 classrooms fill back up familiar unless one state won't
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have to make a tough decision any longer. the new law about children and medical marijuana.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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>> officials spent the day searching across tyler state park in newtown today for a missing woman. lindsay piccone was reported missing last night by her family much the family and professional search teams are involved in the search. currently, officials did not, d find her car at the park.
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her family now is desperate for her safe return. >> lindsay f you're listening, you are so loved. your parents love you so much more than i could ever begin to express. all of your family and friends are here with them helping search for you. we love you and desperately want to been you home. please call us. we aren't giving up until we find you. >> you can call bucks county emergency services if you think you've seen lindsay piccone. joey merlino will not be visiting any casinos in pennsylvania any time soon. >> at least not legally. he's now banned. pennsylvania casino gaming board voted today to ban the mob boss from all pennsylvania casinos. merlino was involved in an altercation at the sugarhouse casino earlier this year. current documents obtained by fox 29 say merlino and his pals were at the blackjack tables when a disagreement led to words between merlino's entourage and several others. security broke things up after punches started flying.
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atlantic city is already banned merlino from all of its casinos. this morning was special for kids across our area and not just because it was the first day back to school. many of them had their dads wa walking rite aid beside them. >> and the million father march was about a lot more than family togetherness. fox 29's jennifer joyce has the story. >> what do we want? >> school. >> steady stream of men marching through west philadelphia demanding piece. it's the million father march happening here and in 800 cities across the country. father, mentors, males in our local communities helping to provide a safe corridor for local children on their first day of school. >> in this neighborhood we're here to support and ensure that they get to school and from school. >> reporter: cliff jackson took part in the march from 56th and master streets to universal beauford charter school a couple of blocks away. his grandchildren attend the school. outside, a sweet send off
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captured on camera. this father showing his commitment to his daughter, her safety and her success. >> it's very important that we support our youth. our youth are going through a lot of challenges. they have a lot of challenges on a daily basis, and having a man behind them a father behind them, or even community person, a mentor, behind them should be encouraging to them. that's our goal. >> reporter: after the march, school children gathered in the auditorium for a motivational assembly. the students took part. >> pledging to help create a peaceful and productive community inside and outside the classroom. city leaders say the national million father's march has had a positive impact on our communi communities over the last several years the number of persistently dangerous schools in the city of philadelphia has dwindled dramatically. in west philadelphia, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. in new jersey, you can now text 911 from on emergency.
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state leaders rolled out the new emergency service option today. they say it's designed to help people who cannot make a phone call either out of fear or because they're having trouble hearing or speaking. however, the state still urging to you call 9,111th if possible. new tonight a judge ruled prosecutors in the george washington bridge lane closing case can use evidence they say shows allies of governor chris christie showing a pattern of political retribution against their foes. prosecutoprosecutors claim bridy and bill baroni were not new at punishing democratic leader who's didn't endorse doctors tee. they're accused of of wire fraud and conspiracy after prosecutors say they deliberately closed lanes of the george washington bridge to cause gridlock in fort lee. prosecutors will now be able to use evidence they say shows the dealings between kelly and baroni and democratic jersey city mayor steve philip. they claim the duo woe used similar tactics after he failed to endorse christie. >> fox 29 investigates.
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why did an operator of philadelphia charter schools which received millions of tax dollars as in tens of millions settle a suit by one of its top educators much that's question fox 29 investigates is asking tonight. jeff cole is in the newsroom with a look ahead at his story coming up tonight at 10 report roar charter school paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to that former top educator she accused of the ceo and management team of sexual harassment and retaliation. fox 29 investigates has found the allegations were made in a complaint that the educator filed with the pennsylvania human relations commission. it alleges a hostile work environment, retaliation and harassment in the headquarters of group which educates philadelphia's children in several charter schools. tonight at 10:00 we press that ceo for answers. >> that's a lot of money. >> it was resolved, sir. i cannot speak to you about it. >> why was it resolved? if you didn't do it, why didn't you
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fight it? >> i will talk to you, please. >> tonight at 10:00 full details on the allegations and the settlement. also, reaction from a school district watch dog and much more as fox 29 investigates. that's tonight at 10:00. lucy. >> all right, we'll see you then, jeff. september is national sickle cell awareness month and saint christopher's hospital is asking people to donate blood to help patience patients with the condition. the hospital held an event today registering people for blood drive next month. sickle cell anemia primarily affects african-americans. the condition limits the amount of healthy read blood vessels in the body. and can cause extreme pain. health officials say while blood donation in general is very important, for certain patients it becomes even more crucial. >> people are not aware that when a sickle cell patient goes into crisis that they require blood and they need compatible blood. we do see at times there's a shortage and we don't have the supply to support the needs of the patients we serve.
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saint christopher's will hold its blood drive on october 11th. in old city, dennis from aspen dental volunteered their services to veterans. today stop is part of dozens across the country providing free services for vets who can't afford it. the va does not provide dental benefits unless service members meet certain requirements. dentists hope events like this can raise the importance of oral care. >> big trouble in lake michigan for father and son. luckily a former lifeguard jumped in to help but that's not the only reason they have to be thankful tonight. and crews just doug up bones in south america that have been buried for hundreds of years and despite their age, experts have already been able to figure out some thing pretty specific about them. a strenuous workout turned into a master life and death for a man at a gym. luckily someone who was nearby was the exact person you'd want in an emergency. ♪
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>> surveillance video out of new zealand captures special extraordinary.
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six-year-old girl trying to stop an ax wheeling robber. six men had broke into the family's electronics store. the little girl tried to defend an employee and push one of the attackers. then she and her grandfather ran for safety. no one is hurt. the girl's father says he is so proud of his daughter and that the family is slowly getting back to normal. french shorts of authorities are questioning two people what may be a foiled bombing not. police say man called them after he saw a car with its hazards on along the river when officers got there, they found an empty car but inside were seven gas cans and the car's license plates were removed. so police think the hazard lights were left on as a test run to draw attention. all right. apple ceo tim cook calling the iphone seven the best iphone the company has ever made but they say that about everyone. >> that's true. >> they're all good. new phone was unveiled today at the big apple event. new one got a jet black high gloss finish look out for tour fingerprints and water and dust resistance and the camera
5:25 pm
features optical stabilization. the biggest change no head phone jack. you'll have to use the included lightning adapter and that is getting mixed reviews. >> i think it's making people have to buy apple f you want to use apple you'll have to buy their stuff. i can't use the headphones that work for me. i have to use their headphones. >> well that means i have to buy an extra accessory to go with my 300 pair of headphones that i bought apple owns beats just another i guess way to make money. maybe make your phone slightly thinner but i don't know. >> analysts say the new i phones could help apple recover modestly from the recent dip in sales. they still got plenty of money. >> i think so. they're not hurting. >> exactly. all right. two good samaritans saved the day. >> they rescued a father and a son who nearly drowned in lake michigan. one was on land. former lifeguard shamed sherri, another was on the water in a boat. both noticed a man his 11-year-old boy struggling in the water this was -- she jumped
5:26 pm
into the water and swam out and tossed one of them a live jacket. the man in the boat that raced over throughout another life jacket and extended a pole. >> we have waves going over the top of us. i just said, keep holding on to the jack. we're good. keep holding on to it. >> being experienced with lake michigan i said wow look at this water today. it looks rough. i hope we don't lose someone today. >> you know what those waters can be so rough on that lake. and really quickly, too. between the two of them they were able to get the dad and his boy on the boat. both have minor injuries but they're okay. and just plain thankful. the schools are on the other side of the country but the debate surrounding them is one you'll want to pay attention to. why several names on the buildings could soon change. plus -- ♪ opera singer continues doing what she does best even as police handcuff her and take her away. why her music fell on unfriendly ears. hey, kathy. we're both back from vacation.
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>> i know much it's great to be back. we are looking at conditions that are going to be heating up across the delaware valley for the next couple of days. the heat will turn dangerous dry for now. i'll let you know how long coming up.
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here's life look at blue mountain from poconos mountains camera. those temperatures could reach a dangerous level soon. how dangerous coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> donald trump fight to pennsylvania brought him to philadelphia. the gop candidate spoke to crowd of invited guests at the union league in center city today. the focus squarely on national security. trump promised to rebuild the military. he also claimed president obama and hillary clinton have left the middle east in a mess and he says he's ready to clean it up. latest monmouth university poll shows trump trailing in this very key battleground state by eight points. in delaware county, police say a group of thieves hit more than two dozen cars early this morning. all over the devon brown section of berwyn. and one woman even had her mini van stolen. police think the thieves hit around 2:30 in the morning by a fairly organized crew of at least three. police say all of the victims had one thing in common, they left their cars unlocked. the music has soured on one street corner in alexandria,
5:31 pm
virginia. >> opera singer got hauled off in handcuffs for doing something she's been doing for years. ♪ >> for more than five years christa clause has made a living singing opera out on the streets. ♪ >> reporter: in order to care for her ailing husband and now their two-year-old daughter. >> ♪ >> reporter: last week christa continued to sing as alexandria police placed her in cuffs. >> they are pointing and laughing inside the restaurant. there was big scene made about closing the door and because implying i was inconvenience. >> reporter: she contends for weeks she's been are a harassed for singing at her usual spot outside high tide lounge in old town alexandria. >> we've had so much interruption of performances. we barely made rent this month. we made it by $31 to spare. and as you know, diapering a
5:32 pm
two-year-old on $31 is a little bit tough. >> reporter: she moved up a block away. but there began the problems with the cops for using a blue tooth speaker she says she needs for orchestral accompaniment. >> we showed him the speaker we had and he said that that was not problem. he actually told us from the supervisor down the instruction was not to enforce the sound ordinance. >> reporter: the alexandria noise ordinance code is clear. if you use an amplifier pay a $20 permit. if not, there's a decibel level a street performer must have adhere tom after handful of verbal warnings, christa was placed under arrest. >> chose to continue singing, correct? >> i told them i needed to continue singing, and he arres arrested while i was singing ave maria which i don't personally believe diss orally. >> if she was given proper warning, then it's her responsibility. >> she's been here for years. >> what are your thoughts? >> it's not right.
5:33 pm
someone complained in the business community and that's why they made her go. >> that was alexandria limon reporting and she reports the charge against clause has been downgraded to just a noise violation. she's due in court later this month. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. and kathy orr. hope your vacation was swell. >> it was. (laughter). >> thank you. >> yours. >> didn't have any huge swells in the ocean. we were thinking that it was going to be pretty bad. >> some of us were. >> hey -- >> iain said it was going to veer out to sea days ago. >> did you see the video from virginia. i'll show you that. i tweeted that. it was crazy. also long island getting a little bit. we'll talk more about that first let's talk about this. iain likes to talk about this. heat building across the delaware valley. center city philadelphia peaking over 90 degrees today. so the heat has just begun. 90 in the city right now. none in wilmington. allentown 91. 90 in reading lancaster and in wildwood 84 degrees. down the shore little bit cooler because of the clouds from the remnants of hermine.
5:34 pm
a few sprinkles through monmouth county today but that is moving away. beach haven 80. the boardwalk in atlantic city 80. ocean city 87. look at cape may point, 82. a great week to be down the shore. so hermine moves away we do have tropical storm watches and warnings near new england. we see a lot of warmth building ahead of this front. so relief is going to be slow. heat and humidity building over the next several days. that dry air will move in eventually but it's going to take till probably the beginning of next week to really feel the impact of some more september like weather. in the meantime, take look what it will feel like tomorrow as heat advisory goes into effect. by the afternoon it will feel like 102 in philadelphia. feels like that august heat again. it will feel like 100 in pottstown and allentown even in trenton and wilmington. millville and dover, it will feel like it's around 100 degrees. so dangerous heat tomorrow especially for people spending time indoors where there's no air-conditioning.
5:35 pm
the kids in school tomorrow afternoon. so make sure everybody has their water bottle stay hydrated. it will be feeling like 100 to 103 tomorrow afternoon. reduce that strenuous activity outdoors if you're working outside or we know the kids have practice. field hockey, soccer, flag football, lots of breaks in the afternoon as you head into the evening in this heat. and that heat will most likely continue right into the weekend. so we'll talk more about that coming up. but we want to talk about the hurricane season because we are nearing the peak and for more on that i'll send it over to my colleague scott williams. hi, scott. >> hi there are kathy much as we approach the upcoming weekend that's climatological peak of mur cane season. as we look what's happening right now on the radar, what's left of hermine continues to finally pull away. we'll be saying goodbye and good riddens to that. otherwise, let's talk about where we're at as far as the 2016 hurricane names. of course the last name on the list was hermine. so we've seen eight named storms so far this year.
5:36 pm
as far as the 2016 atlantic hurricane season. so, of course, we're keeping tabs on that list. we're keeping tabs on the names and also you can see next up would be iain and we have a disturbance that will we're monitoring out in the open waters of the atlantic as well that could attorney into ian there's about a 70% chance of that doing so over the next several days. so that is certainly something that we will continue to watch. you can see it's well out into the open waters of the atlantic basin. a 70% chance that that could turn into ian over the next five days. we'll continue to monitor that over the cape verdict islands. otherwise you can see what's left of hermine right now spinning off of our coast leftover clouds a couple of showers moving toward the counties there bordering the atlantic ocean. so the spaghetti plots will take what's left of hermine finally out to sea. we're done with that system. it caused some problems down the shore. in the way of coastal flooding and beach erosion. so as we take look at this
5:37 pm
graphic you can see as we near september 10th, that is the climatological peak of hurricane season so that is by the up coming weekend then we'll start to see the climb as we move toward early october but then a second peak before hurricane season is over officially at the end of november. so that is something that we'll watch in the days to come. we're not done with tropical development or activity so kathy we'll continue to monitor the situation with that disturbance well out into the open waters of the atlantic. >> hopefully it will stay there. (laughter). >> not have that much excitement coming our way. thanks, scott. as we look outside, you can see plenty of sunshine out the there. some deep blue sky. lower humidity for now, but the big question is, for how long? well, during the evening period, we will be having mainly clear sky. skies becoming partly cloudy overnight in the city a balmy 73 in the suburbs 68 with winds out of the west. during the day tomorrow, heat and humidity. the record is 96 degrees. that was set back in 1939.
5:38 pm
we will at least tie that record. it will be hot and humid as we take a look at our extended forecast, 96 for thursday. 94 friday. temple game on saturday. it's going to be hot. 94. our official heat wave number seven. some morning showers and storms sunday. look at monday. tuesday and wednesday much more pleasant in the 80s and shore temperatures starting off hot tomorrow, staying hot over the weekend. and then cooling down. that's the very latest from the weather center. we'll send it back to you at the news desk. >> all right, kathy, thanks. crews just doug up bones in south america that have been buried for hundreds of years and despite their age, experts have already been able to figure out something pretty specific about them. and thousands of dollars in damage done to a brand new police car. why officers did not have to work too hard to find the teen who did it. and it's been a fixture at one of philadelphia's top attractions for more than 80 years. but now this plane is on the move. where it's headed and why.
5:39 pm
today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey
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as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ encouraging news tonight for these magnificent mammals much the national marine fish sherri
5:42 pm
service says most populations of hump backed whales are off the endangered species list. federal authorities are credi crediting international efforts. the number of hump back whales grown since a global band on commercial whaling nearly 50 years ago. >> i think today's decision really shows that the endangered species act works and that it can take a population on the bring of extinction and bring its numbers back up to a healthy population level. >> healthy is a matter of terms when it comes to whale populations. plastics and pollution in the sea are enormous threat along with fishing gear. hump back whale populations in the waters off central america and northwest africa are still endangered and countries such as japan, norway and iceland still whale. in peruvian archeologis arcs unearth add piece of history that dates back hundreds of years. >> the team discovered 17 ceremonial too many times.
5:43 pm
archaeologists believe that the bodies buried within there were in between 1490 and 1500ad. they also believe the people living in the area belonged to an upper social class. they lived in northern peru and later conquered by the incas around 1470ad. >> the schools on the other side of the country but the debate surrounding them is one you may want to pay attention to. why several names on the buildings could soon change. it's a silent struggle for many couples. you tried the traditional and alternative methods forgetting pregnant but there's now a new option that could help make your family complete. sean? >> iain, the eagles in full carson wentz mode. guys are ready to get it cracking against the cleveland browns in week one. to start this new era. what they said coming up later in sports.
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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♪ 19-year-old is in jail tonight after police near houston texas say he did serious damage to a police car. officers say he used a toilet seat to pull it off. what the young suspect made it easy to catch him. police say he was drunk and didn't get very far. fox's randy wallace has the story. >> reporter: fearing that a deputy could be in smashed up patrol car police arrived at the montgomery county constables office in record speed. they found someone in the patrol car but it wasn't a law officer. >> found the suspect sitting in the driver's seat laid over the console of the car. >> reporter: did he say anything. >> not much. he didn't speak english but he did indicate he had been drinking. >> reporter: chief deputy steve roper says 19-year-old he is sad today said he didn't remember anything between getting drunk and being handcuffed. but he was apparently very busy.
5:48 pm
>> found a commode seat in a dumpster which add joins our office and he proceeded to smash the windows out with the commode seat. >> reporter: cops say the teenager didn't stop there. roper says he then used concrete car stop the vehicle was backed up again. >> he was able to stand it on end and let it fall over into the car causing damage in three different places. >> reporter: estrada charged with felony criminal mischief. >> i can only describe this as a blatant attack on law enforcement. >> reporter: why is that? >> the attitude of some people in our society today, anti police. i don't know any other way to pitt. these people out there don't like the police. >> the damage to the patrol car 70,000 miles on it it was a new purchase for the precinct and repairing it will cost at least $4,000. >> several big names in history could soon get kicked off san francisco elementary schools. the president of the city school board announced he's considering name changes at all the schools that bear the names of slave
5:49 pm
owners that includes elementary school named after francis scott key you know the guy he he wrote the star spangled banner. schools barring the names -- bearing the names of thomas jefferson and george washington could actually soon bar them. our school name communicates something to our kids. it says something about who we want them to be, about what we value, um so it's important. >> nothing is going to happen unless students, staff, parents and alumni all agree to the changes. turning to your health now, a problem facing a lot of families. they haven't been able to have a baby the traditional way one of the alternatives won't work either. >> you now have option you might not have considered yet. and it's making a difference for some couples. fox's dr. joe has that story. >> even though the doctors kept saying well ibvf is your only option we felt like there has to be something else out there. >> reporter: after several failed pregnancies and two emergency surgeries on her fallopian tubes michelle and
5:50 pm
michaelss hope of having a child their personal and religious beliefs ruled out ivf they had mixed feeling about traditional adoption until they sis diss covered snowflake embryo snowflake. >> what would you think if you gave birth to our adopted child. he respond beside saying that's it. that's the answer. >> there are over 600,000 frozen embryos stored in the u.s. when ivf couples these extra embryos can be terminated frozen indefinitely given to science for research or donated for reproduction. >> we're treating eight as the actual adoption of a child and we allow the donor to select the recipient family. we're going through a whole process of qualifying that family based on fdr procedures rules and regulations. >> reporter: embryo adoption can appeal to many families who
5:51 pm
want to experience pregnancy in childbirth plus it's less expensive. national. iv if can cost $20,000. embryo at the smoke flake agencies calls $17,000. it has about a 40% chance of success. according to the society for assist read productive technology the average for ivf in 2005 was about 34% perry trial. >> the success rates are going to vary depending on the original reason that the couple created the beam brie crows, and -- embryos and age and so forth. >> in most agency the adopting family must complete a family book and receive clearance from their physician. >> in general you want to be in the best health you can be to be pregnant. >> both familiar also have to agree to the match before signing contracts. for michelle and mike the first family was a perfect match. >> there was a love in my heart for this family that it was -- it was so unexplainable.
5:52 pm
>> we just knew that this was -- you know, this was the family that we were supposed connected to. >> after 13 years of trying, michelle gave birth to their adopted daughter alura. >> it was mazing. it was like time stopped. >> for the fox medical team i'm joette gian. inco. >> a strength were you workout turned into a matter of life and death for the man at the gym. luckily someone nearby was the exact person you'd want nearby in an emergency. and coming up at 6:00 car after car hit by local -- hit by thieves at a local neighborhood. what they took and how police are trying to track them down. and coming up new at 6:00 as classrooms fill back up families in one state won't have to make a tough decision any longer. the new law about children and medical marijuana.
5:53 pm
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big day in philadelphia and many other communities. the first day back to school including right there at harambe charter school in west philadelphia. it's a big year for the first african center charter. it is celebrating it's 20th year school leaders say they're looking forward to a new school year just as much as the students. >> it's exciting to see how they've grown over the summer. so just as they're kind of progressing so it's really exciting. i think we've had a wonderful staff that's come together. we've done a lot of work in preparation. our teachers have been here for two weeks in advance of our school opening for their professional development. >> 530 students attend harambe
5:57 pm
charter school grades k through eight. looks like great school. >> it does. so workout at the gym became a matter of life and death for a man in maryland. >> luckily though someone working out nearby new just what to do to save his life. fox's jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: muhammed got to columbia gym hours later than he normal still on friday, august 26th but he was just in time to handle an emergency. 60 something-year-old man who had been working out on stationary bike had just collapsed while leaving the cardio room. >> i tried a pulse. i didn't feel anything. i didn't notice he was breathing so i rolled him over, and i quickly started doing compressions just 'cause something i remember from -- something i remember from medical school. >> reporter: muhammed a fourth year med student at the university of maryland had learned cpr at school. and used eight few times on trauma and cardiac surgery rotations. but he had never saved a life outside the hospital until now. >> actually about 10 minutes of
5:58 pm
straight compressions which is solid exhausting workout. and i checked for pulses in between. luckily high some help, and by the end of it he had a pulse. the emt people came perfect ti timing and felt a pulse in his neck. >> reporter: staff inside the 57,000 square foot gym are cpr trained and lifeguard did jump in to help about halfway through. but everyone at the gym says they were very relieved 24-year-old muhammed was there to do the heavy lifting. >> what was so great, his timing was perfect. he was just -- couldn't have been more valuable and helpful in that moment to save life. >> in the hospital a medical student i watch my back but here i was completely by myself which is a little -- little scary. i'm glad things worked out. dye it a few times in the hospital, um, sometimes it work out, sometimes it doesn't. i'm glad this time it work out for the best. >> reporter: he's training to be app that mocks. his ultimate goal is to safe people's eye site not
5:59 pm
necessarily they're lives although he says it's wonderful to be able to help out where needed n clarksville, maryland, jennifer davis, fox news. ♪ peace through strength. >> right now at 6:00 donald trump talks tough in pennsylvania. >> unless you're going to say the words you never going to solve the problems. very simple. >> enthusiastic response to the speech and some big promises from the gop nominee. tonight, the big question, can he win this battleground state? >> and just because many students went back to school today does not mean the summer heat is over. the dangerous temperatures now headed our way. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> tonight at 6:00 the return of dangerous summer heat after some mild weather. things heating up today and this is just the beginning as
6:00 pm
dangerous temperatures and another if you can believe that possible heat wave could be here soon. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. we could soon see record breaking heat yet again. meteorologist kathy orr is in old city tonight with the 411. kathy, it's september. remember? september. >> i do remember. this is the seventh time that we've talked about dangerous heat. it's just amazing it started in may with our first heat wave. and here we go through september. reminds me a lot of last year. take look at the high temperatures across the delaware valley today. we'll start off with a warmest temperature and that occurred in wilmington. the high temperature into. none in philadelphia. allentown tying a record of 91. reading 91. ac at the airport 88. and trenton 88 degrees. this is the seventh heat wave that we'll get underway over the next couple of days. it is the 42nd, 90-degree day this year. the normal high is 81 so we are 10 degrees above normal just today. right now in philadelphia, 89. 90 still i


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